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Voice Activated Systems to Open Doors

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You have probably heard of voice-activated systems that open doors. You might already have one of these devices in your home. You can open your doors with an Amazon Alexa if you have it. You can also choose from Comelit, August Smart Lock and Sesame if you don't have an Amazon Alexa.


Open Sesame's voice activated door-opening system opens doors by speaking. The system can also activate wireless security entry systems by using a coded signal transmitted from a transmitter. The system also includes wired activation contacts. It comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Open Sesame door opener with voice activation has many advantages. It operates smoothly and can be controlled by either a remote control or manually. It can be voice activated through Amazon Alexa.


The COMELIT security door entry system lets you interact with your system from anywhere. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It can receive door calls, view images from CCTV cameras and entrance panels, and it can also be used to view them. It can also record videos from external units.

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The Comelit Group, based in Val Seriana in Italy, sells its products to 16 countries. The products of the company can be ordered online or by speaking with a representative. Cloud technology and facial recognition are two of the company's features. This helpful feature, which is intuitive and simple, can identify who is at their house without the homeowner having to open the door or enter the house.

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock offers many security features that can make your home more secure. It can lock the door automatically if you aren't there. It can also recognize the presence of a person using its GPS and geofencing capabilities. DoorSense is a feature that transforms the August lock into a door sensor. When you are within 15 feet of the door, it can even unlock itself automatically.

August lock works with Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Apple HomeKit's integration works particularly well. You can use Siri to ask your home assistant for commands. You can lock or unlock the door with your Apple Watch.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon's new voice-activated system, Alexa, has been introduced. The name of Alexa was chosen to honour the Library of Alexandria. This library is the center of all knowledge. Amazon has similar goals for Alexa, and the company works hard to make it a valuable tool. The system will soon have the ability to detect your voice and suggest solutions based off your preferences.

Security threats could make the service less secure. Amazon's reliance upon weak single factor authentication (CSI), makes it vulnerable to being compromised. A malicious adversary might use the service from outside to transmit malicious voice commands. For your protection, ensure that the speaker volume is at its highest setting.

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Google Home

Google Home, a smart voice assistant, is a great way to automate your home. This device listens to what you say and relays your instructions to other wirelessly-connected devices. The Google Home Bridge connects the devices. It also includes instructions for how to install it. The device will work with a variety of home automation devices, such as a smart lock and light switch.

This can also be used to unlock and lock doors. This device can be used to open garage doors. However, you should make sure your smart home alarm system is working. You can control your door via your smartphone using a compatible lock with Google Home.

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Voice Activated Systems to Open Doors