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Apple Silicon M2 Rumors Revealed

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What can we anticipate from Apple's M2 SoC when it launches later in the year? DigiTimes says it will use TSMC’s 4nm technology, which is more than the 5nm design. The exact date of the unveiling is unknown, but it is likely that we will see this chip in Apple's upcoming devices. Find out more by reading the following. These are the most widely rumored features for the new Apple processor.

Apple's new M2 processor

While details about Apple's M2 processor remain a mystery, it is expected to power a new batch of Macs in the second half of this year. These new machines could include the MacBook Air 2022 and Pro 2022 as well as the iPad Pro 2022. Apple will also upgrade its manufacturing process to use a new 5 nanometer process. Although this chip will provide some performance improvements, the high price tag will not change.

It is rumored that the M1 will be its successor.

Mark Gurman, a reporter for MacWorld, claims that Apple is working on a new silicon chip that will be the successor to the M1 in its MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. The new chip could have more cores or graphics processing units. It could even be released in 2022. Apple is using the 5nm chip for its M1 processor. But, Apple could switch to a 4-nm chip for its M2 processor, to match its smaller dimensions.

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It will feature eight cores

Rumored Apple silicon M2 will feature eight cores and run a little faster than the M1's seven cores. The company is reportedly hard at work on a follow-up chip, which will be much faster than the M1. Gurman predicts that the CPU will run slightly faster than the M1’s seven cores. But, the graphics cores could be increased to eight or nine. Rumours suggest Apple will announce the M3 chip by 2023, and release a new Mac by then.

It will come with a 10-core GPU

It's not clear if the M2 chip will have 8 cores or 10. However, there are many people who believe the M1 Pro Max and M1 Pro Max have 10 cores. The M2 chip will have less cores than M1 Pro Max, but it would be more powerful than M1. The M2 may have up to 32 cores, though the M1 Ultra only has 20.

It will be used for the MacBook Air

The MacBook Air starts at $999, with 8GB RAM plus 256GB of storage. Other configurations, however, could be larger. Due to the fact that the M2 CPU is the same in the current model as it is in the past, there is more RAM. Users might be able up-grade to 2TB of storage or 16GB of RAM. Higher RAM options might be possible in future, although this is unlikely to happen.

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Apple Silicon M2 Rumors Revealed