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The 2017 Honda Civic Type R Interior

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The Honda Civic Type R is an excellent choice for those looking for a new sedan. This sedan offers a number of standard features, including high-density cushioning, adaptive dampers, Smart Entry, and more. These are the top features that make this car unique. Continue reading to learn about the Honda Civic Type R’s interior. We'll be discussing the key features which make this car so pleasurable to drive.

High rigidity frames

Honda will be putting safety first in 2017 by using advanced crash stroke technology within its body structure. The Civic Type R's frame reduces the amount of crash energy that is transferred to the cabin. It also improves vehicle dynamics. Honda's Raymond, Ohio, design center developed the crash stroke tech. The crash stroke technology also reduces cabin intrusion from frontal crashes by directing 80mm of the crash stroke rearward.

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High density padding

The Civic is Honda's flagship model, and its new generation Type R was introduced in July. The Civic Type R has the most sporty Civic yet. The seats provide excellent support during high-performance driving. The Type R seats are covered in red suede and resemble the seats found in a VW GTI hatchback. They are covered with high-density padding. Large bolsters ensure maximum support for driver's posterior.

Adaptive dampers

The Honda Civic Type R’s revised four-wheel Adaptive Damper System, which is a key element of the vehicle’s handling package, is a key component. The improved shock absorber units now have three-chamber designs which enable greater damping force variability. The damper control is activated by altering the current flowing through electromagnetic coils in the car's chassis. This system provides smoother downshifts, and better ride quality.

Smart Entry system

The Smart Entry system in the new Honda Civic Type R allows drivers to access their vehicle without having to use a key. Simply place the key fob at the car's doors handle and then walk up to it. The Smart Entry system will open the doors and begin the engine. Simply press the LOCK on the door handle to turn off the engine. Or, you may turn on Walk Away Auto Lock in the car’s Settings menu.

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Integrated navigation system

The 2017 Honda Civic's Touring, EXL Navi Hatchback and Sport Touring trims include the Integrated Navigation System. It is standard on both the Touring Coupe and Civic Type R trim levels in the United States. Honda also offers HD Digital Traffic services, but these are only available in the United States. While the system is useful, it is not perfect, and the menu system is unorganised and icons scattered all over the screen. Apple CarPlay connectivity and Android Auto connectivity are both available on the Civic. However, they are not standard.


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The 2017 Honda Civic Type R Interior